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Simplifies logistic processes

Fleetness is the new platform reinventing the Supply Network Collaboration. Fleetness allows Suppliers and Customers to collaborate with carriers, real time based on a powerful environment.

Fleetness allows you to work on the open platform or create a private or hybrid blockchain that involves your partners.

Customers enlarge and empower their logistic networks leveraging on cloud platform automatically connected with their ERP systems (SAP , Oracle , etc.).

Carriers simplify their operations also in the trickiest like electronic balance the loads, pricing for complex routes, slots management for deliveries, real time monitoring and electronic proof of delivery.

Fleetness embedded analytics carries best decision based on latest information and simulations.

Simplify the adoption of cutting edge of mobile technologies in logistics (electronic integration with your customers, QR code and barcode) skipping higher information technology investments, choose Fleetness.


Fleetness is a high performing cloud service with easy integration: none software to install, nor infrastructure to maintain, nor investments or barrier to its adoption!

App Mobile

Fleetness is mobile: with its App for Android and iPhone to simplify and coordinate all the drivers’ tasks and interact with your customers, with its tracking GPS board station and its ability to integrate the 3rd party GPS board and chrono-meters.


Fleetness is ready to be integrated with the major ERP systems with plug-in or API dedicate to your system, in few minutes your shipments will be on line, try it!

Supply Chain Collaboration

Fleetness implements the supply chain collaboration following the principles of social networking: it expands and integrates the information with your customers and suppliers generating a virtual and shared space like Facebook does for between people. It’s a fast, smart and paperless way to implement logistics! Calculate the route costs, implement the delivery slot management, the electronic assignment of the shipments, the shipments and fleet monitoring, the electronic proof of delivery including the real time feedbacks on refusal, damages and deposits.


Fleetness allows the monitoring of your goods, from the load in your warehouses to the check in at your customers with the onboard GPS stations but if you need more agility, also the Fleetness App could work!


Fleetness expands the power of your data with reports and predictive tools (embedded) in all its functionalities. Plan your activities at the best with Fleetness!

fleetness Blockchain Blockchain

Change the way you collaborate, obstruct the blockchain with your logistics partners

fleetness Supply Chain Collaboration SLA/OLA Based contract

Fleetness certifies the performance of logistics processes by enabling the adoption of value based or SLA Based contracts

fleetness Supply Chain Collaboration White Label last Mile

Adopt Fleetness for your e-commerce, choose which of our valued services to make available to your customers


Designed for the big logistics companies, agile for your business: Fleetness apply the key performance and quality concepts in logistics networking in a simple and intuitive way. The platform enables the standardization and shared monitoring of service SLAs and OLAs on all of your contracts and suppliers without the need for ad hoc solutions and EDI for each supplier

It adopts the smart slot management, the electronic assignment and optimization of the shipments, the real time monitor of the feet and shipments and share the information with your partners leveraging an advanced reporting engine.

Fleetness Implements the supply chain collaboration following the principles of social networking: Expand and integrate your information with your customers and suppliers generating a virtual and shared space like Facebook or Whatsapp does for between people.


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